“This movement is something that had been brewing for a long time. We both pushed each other forward even through the darkest times. Having gone through all of that, we decided to foster a community of like-minded ambitious, driven, and talented individuals. The ones who society would have otherwise kept hidden and suppressed, those with hidden talent and potential, who possess a desire to create their own path and determine their own destiny. A lot of hard work and several years later, Goldfang the brand, and the Fang Gang community was born.”

The Brand

Goldfang is an expression derived from the term “sweet tooth” which typically describes a craving for sweets. If you apply that same thinking Goldfang becomes a clear representation of insatiable hunger for “the gold”. In other words, if you have a gold fang, you are an unstoppable force headed straight to the top. 

The Backstory

Here’s a brief introduction to the Fang Gang, and what we stand for.

All around the world, there’s a new breed of individual showing up. They are driven, dedicated, aspirational, and highly unique. We call them creators. More specifically these people are taking control and creating the life they desire. These creators are navigating the content culture as hustlers, motivators, innovators, brand partners and product makers. Without any former template from prior generations, they are paving the way and doing so with an unrelenting hunger for quality. Quality of life, quality of spirit, and quality of content to share their message with the world.

Goldfang celebrates and supports this independent vanguard as one of the first lifestyle brands for creators.

Core Values


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